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23 Apr 2019 |

The CRAL Project at Save the Planet Exhibition and Conference

On Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th of April the CRAL Project participated in the Save the Planet Exhibition and Conference, the specialised business event taking place each year in the South-East of Europe focusing on environmental themes. This year’s focus was on the latest solutions in the field of energy efficiency, renewables, smart cities, waste management and recycling. It is indeed to this latter topic that LIFE Programme of the European Commission, which for the occasion had set up a stand, brought the attention. In fact, the CRAL project along with the Life REPOLUYSE project were called upon by the LIFE team to make a short presentation on their respective scopes, both dealing with the theme of recycling.  

At the LIFE stand, which for the occasion displayed informational material on both the LIFE programme and CRAL and REPOLYUSE projects, the general public could ask for information on the LIFE financial instrument and talk to the projects teams to know more about their “LIFE experiences”.

Important focus of the event was the presentation session “LIFE: the EU funding tool for the Environment & Climate Action” held on Thursday 18th morning during which the LIFE team and the CRAL and REPOLYUSE teams had the opportunity to present and discuss their projects and experiences.

In this occasion, Mr. Daniele Casari, researcher and engineer working on the CRAL project, talked about CRAL content and first results and answered to questions on how the project was initiated and conducted. In short, along with providing information on the LIFE financial instrument, the presentation session, which saw the participation of about 70 people, was a moment of best-practices sharing which allowed the audience to take a closer look on how the LIFE programme acts and supports innovative and environmentally friendly ideas, which were concretely showcased during the presentation.

Finally, not only did the Save the Planet event represent an opportunity to disseminate the project, but also a networking occasion for the CRAL and POLYREUSE projects teams, allowing researchers from both projects to discuss their respective recycling processes along with best practices on how to make the best use of communication and dissemination tools.  

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